drfiltrimNow you can smoke like normal and take in 95% LESS Poison with every draw of your next cigarette.

It’s been called a “miracle device”…. for dramatically reducing* the cancer-causing toxins and addictive nicotine from every smoke you light.
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* Scientifically proven in clinical trials at San Diego State University and the American Health Foundation to remove up to 95% of carbon monoxide, 90% of tar and 80% of nicotine from cigarettes.
Dear Friend,My name is Dr. Harold Thompson, and I’ve been helping people quit smoking successfully and permanently for more than 30 years. It’s been my lifelong career.

Over that 30 years, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to quitting cigarettes.

Keep reading, and I’ll show you exactly how to quit smoking for good.

The first thing we need to do, is get you to understand what you’re up against.

But first…

Which of these strategies are you trying right now?

1. The first is quitting “cold turkey”. Just set a date and stop smoking. This almost never works because the shock to both your body and your social life is too great to overcome.

Often people who quit smoking “cold turkey” replace their nicotine addiction with other harmful habits, like overeating, and alcohol binges. Trading one vice for another only leads to bigger problems.

2. The second strategy is to replace cigarettes with nicotine supplements. The failure rate is extremely high here as well. Sucking on a nicotine lozenge keeps your body chemically addicted and does nothing to break the physical addiction to the act of lighting a cigarette.

3. The third strategy is hypnosis. As wonderful as it sounds, you can’t just take a nap and wake up a non-smoker. Your brain is much smarter than that. It cannot be tricked into “forgetting” that you smoke any more than you can move a mountain with a rope and a donkey.

You can however, retrain your brain to embrace life without cigarettes. (There is scientific proof to back that up, and I’ll share it with you on this page.)

4. And finally, prescription drugs. While these have been successful for some, they are outrageously expensive. Without a premium health insurance plan, you’ll pay hundreds to complete the 3-month “starter kit”. Then there are the dangerous side effects.

The New York Times reported that Chantix was “linked to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or other serious cardiovascular event for smokers without a history of heart disease”.chantix-nytimes

As a medical doctor I deal constantly with pharmaceutical “drug reps” lining up to pressuring us to push their products on our patients. It’s a nasty business. In many ways, no different from a thug dealing deadly drugs on a street corner…

… except they wear thousand dollar suits and their free samples come with slick packaging and government seals of approval.

I’ll stop before I go into one of my famous rants, but let me tell you…

I’m proud that my methods help people quit without stringing them along on expensive drugs, putting their health at risk, or trading one dangerous habit for another.

The reason my method works so well is because it doesn’t only guide your body away from its chemical addiction to cigarettes…

… my patented “draw down” system allows you to break the habit gradually, so the changes can happen naturally…

Until, before you know it, you no longer smoke.

You probably know that your addiction to cigarettes is not just chemical, but also physical.

You’re just as addicted to the physical act of lighting a cigarette,
as you to are the nicotine it feeds your body.

It’s important that you understand you are not alone.

Your fears about quitting cigarettes may feel overwhelming, but I’ve helped thousands of people succeed in quitting who never thought they could.

The key is to recognize the anxious thoughts floating around your head that keep you from succeeding.

The fears that keep you from quitting…

“I’m afraid quitting will change who I am.”

“What about my friends that smoke? Will I still be able to hang around with them the same way? I don’t want to be the stiff “non-smoker” of the bunch.”

“What about your “smoke breaks” at work? Will you have to stay at your desk instead?”

“What will you do while drinking coffee… after meals?”

Cigarettes are big part of your life. Giving up the chemical addiction is only half the battle.

Leaping past the #1 roadblock

The biggest road-block I saw was… all the traditional “quit smoking” methods involved giving up ‘cold turkey’ or switching out cigarettes with “substitutes” like electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum, or patches…

… and the truth is, none of these “substitutes” feel enough like the real thing to make cravings go away.

I realized many more of my patients would succeed at quitting (without the stress and withdrawal symptoms) if there were only an easy way to quit without giving up cigarettes right away.

So if you’re frustrated with all the “same old” quitting methods that don’t work (or don’t work for long)… ask yourself:

What if you could suddenly turn the same cigarettes
you’re smoking now into a powerful tool to help you quit?

What if rather than getting you more and more addicted, every cigarette you smoked (and enjoyed just like you do now) actually got you closer to the day you decide you “just don’t feel like smoking anymore”?

And that’s what is so incredible about the Filtrim device… it not only gives smokers a natural way to wean their bodies away from the chemical addiction to nicotine… but it makes every cigarette you smoke 95% less harmful.

So, even the casual smoker can benefit, whether they’re trying to quit or not.

And it does it without drugs or even changing the taste and draw of your normal everyday cigarette.

You just smoke like normal and let your body quit naturally…

The device is simple and fun to use, too.

When I tell people about Filtrim, they imagine some kind of strange doohickey they’ll need to attach to their cigarette, but…

… there are no weird filters to attach and it doesn’t change the taste of your cigarette.

You smoke the same brand the same way and the amount of carbon monoxide poison and nicotine is reduced more and more at every stage. Every stage of the two month “draw down” to quitting lasts two weeks.

By the 8th week:

You’re inhaling 99% LESS toxins and 88% LESS nicotine

… all while your body smoothly adjusts to the lower levels and weans from its addiction.

How Does Filtrim Work?

Filtrim enables your cigarette to burn cooler and filter more effectively…without altering taste, draw or satisfaction.

Your cigarette is like a mini-chemical factory that burns at 800 degrees Celsius and produces 4000 chemicals, many of them cancerous and poisonous – Filtrim improves how this chemical factory operates, so you can cut down fast and finally quit for good.

You can actually see proof that you are reducing toxins by the size of the tar stain on your cigarette’s filter.

It’s the most natural form of “quitting’ there is because…

You never go mad with cravings…

You’re not taking dangerous drugs… and

You never have to substitute your cigarette for anything!

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a “healthy” cigarette, but compared to even an “ultra-light” cigarette, this is the fastest way to reduce harmful toxins while you rid yourself of the habit for good.

Invented by a doctor desperate to help his patients quit smoking

Years of watching patients struggle unsuccessfully to break their addiction to cigarettes, even though they knew they were murdering their health… is what motivated me to invent Filtrim.

See… as recently as the 1950s, cigarettes were being sold as a health product… but by the late 70s lung cancer was fast becoming a national epidemic.

I was stunned by patients who watched loved ones die long, agonizing deaths from cancer, yet still found it impossible to quit smoking themselves.

I knew from experience that giving patients additional drugs was not the answer – especially given the new prescription drug epidemic plaguing society.

Yet, I observed how patients who quit “cold turkey” suffered terrible mood swings and were inclined to substitute nicotine addiction with other health ruining habits, like binge eating and alcohol.

The answer was to find a way to help smokers wean themselves from the addiction gradually, without an abrupt change in habit that would cause them to fail or develop even worse habits and addictions.

That’s when I got the idea for the Filtrim device.patent

In studies by San Diego State University and the American Health Foundation Filtrim was proven so effective at eliminating the chemical gasses and addictive nicotine smokers inhale that it was awarded a patent.

It’s been helping real smokers quit ever since.

Designed by world-renowned watch maker Cartier™cartier

In 1981, the design team at world-famous watchmaker, Cartier™ was so impressed with the Filtrim device, they agreed to craft three designs for me to choose from.

The winning design is precision crafted in a stylish gold color finish and small enough so fit easily in your purse or pocket. It’s as stylish as it is effective.

And it’s so compact no one will even know you’re using it (although you might be tempted to show it off to everyone)…

… you just smoke like normal while your body gradually quits for you using the 8-week “draw down” method that comes delivered with your Filtrim device.

Since I began introducing people to Filtrim, I’ve spoken with many people who said: “Man, I wish I’d known about this years ago… when my mother was still alive, or my father was still alive… because there’s no doubt it would have helped them.”

I talked with a guy named Jerry who said his mother was a 2-3 pack-a-day smoker. “That’s just how it was…” he said.

“She was a smoker, and she was never going to quit.”

“So to have a device like this that could have helped her reduce the amount of deadly poison she inhaled every day… and that her children inhaled by being in the same room with her – something she felt terrible about – would have made a huge difference.”

Finally quit for good

You really can’t imagine how much better your relationships can be until you finally remove the “smoking wedge” from between you and the people you love.

The good news for you is… unlike my friend Jerry, you don’t have to “wish” this was around when you were trying to quit, or when someone you loved was killing themselves with cigarettes…

… because you’ve found the only place to get your very own Filtrim device and draw down guide rush-shipped to you…

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Yes! You really can reduce toxins by 95% of your same brand cigarette and successfully quit in 8 weeks or less!

The breakthrough Filtrim device stylishly finished in a beautiful gold color and scientifically proven to work for over 30 years.

In fact, 95% of users would recommend it!

Finally quit without struggle, and smoke with less guilt over second-hand smoke starting immediately.

And the best part is…

You can try it for FREE if you want!

I’m so confident you’re going to love using Filtrim, I’m willing to let you try it 100% risk-free for 30 days.

That means you’ll be half way to quitting for good before you even have to decide to keep Filtrim. If you decide to return it for any reason, simply send it back (you can even use the same envelope) and they’ll refund every dime of your purchase.

Dr. Harold Thompson, MD

P.S. Yes! You really can reduce toxins by 95% of your same brand cigarette and successfully quit in 8 weeks or less! Filtrim is scientifically proven to work in studies by San Diego State University and the American Health Foundation.

P.P.S. Try it free for 30 days. If you’re not blown away by the results, simply return it for a full refund, absolutely no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. Don’t trust me just because I’m a doctor… Listen to what former smokers who’ve actually used Filtrim are saying:testimonial