Cut Down and Actually Quit

Cut Down & Quit Cigarette Smoking

Scientists say there are two ways of quitting, immediately or gradually. Filtrim uses the proven method of gradual nicotine fading. It helps you reduce your habit before you stop smoking. Filtrim changes how your cigarette burns and filters and actually cuts down nicotine and toxins. Cigarette by cigarette you control and reduce what you smoke. Cut down until you’re ready to quit by progressing through Filtrim’s 4 stages. Go at your own pace, or follow our 8 week withdrawal program and spend 2 weeks per stage. Nothing drastic. Quit slowly, step by step.

Nicotine: is an extremely addictive, but mild stimulant that does not cause any disease. Filtrim was designed to reduce nicotine in small steps of about 22% per stage. By gradually reducing your intake of nicotine you can naturally reduce your need to smoke. You gently break your addiction to nicotine – slowly putting yourself back in control. You’ll find yourself smoking less and less. Quitting then becomes much easier. Nicotine is reduced by 85% at stage 4.

Tar: causes cancer but imparts the flavor and character of the cigarette. Because Filtrim cools the smoke, the taste is virtually unchanged. Tar reductions begin at 38% and increase to 93% at stage 4. (Note: smokers can see proof of the tar reduction by a decrease in the brown stain on the filter. Click here to see.)

Carbon monoxide: is an odorless, tasteless gas that does nothing for satisfaction, but it’s probably the most poisonous and deadly component of cigarette smoke. Carbon monoxide robs your blood and heart of oxygen, immediately causes shortness of breath and is the primary factor in heart disease. Previously it was thought impossible to filter carbon monoxide from cigarettes. U.S. Gov’t testing methods show an immediate and dramatic reduction of 79% at stage 1, and up to 99% at stage 4.