Research and Testimonials

Smoking Cessation Medication

“I am so thankful that I tried Filtrim. It was so easy and gave me the control I needed to quit.” Pia Gant, CO

“At each stage I realized I was smoking fewer cigarettes. That really motivated me.” Andrew Wallerstein, NY

“Everything failed until I tried Filtrim. It really works.” Scott Thomas, NY

Filtrim’s effectiveness was proven at San Diego State University and the American Health Foundation. Clinical trials found real smokers using Filtrim (1) reduced nicotine and toxins from cigarettes (2) cut the number of cigarettes they smoked (3) successfully quit (4) but those who weren’t ready to quit still reduced the level of their habit. Filtrim was awarded a patent and has even been reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

But from all the research, we are most proud of the fact that over 95% of smokers would recommend this product after using it. Finally, scientists and smokers agree that you can do the right thing!

Filtrim is a practical tool of action. It works in the real world for real smokers. You can do it!